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How to start your level with power-ups?

Free Gold Awaits You

Level-Start Power-Ups appear on the gameboard at the beginning of the level. They can be used on your first turn and make for more exciting action right at the start of gameplay.

Available Power-Ups:

  • Level-Start Butterfly

  • Level-Start Bubble

  • Level-Start Beam

  • Level-Start Crystal Ball

These Level-Start Power-Ups can:

  • Be purchased in quantities of 1 (consumable) from the Pre Level Menu

  • Be earned in quantities of 1 (consumable) from other features (Streaks, Toto’s Task or Events)

  • Be earned for infinite uses for a set period of time

Once active, players will automatically have durable Pre Level Move 0 selected in Pre Level Dialog, and will not be able to purchase or select for use.

Pre Level Menu when there is an Unlimited Time-based Beam active and other Level-Start Power-Ups are available for purchase.